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Art Deco Molding Collection

Art Deco Crown Molding

Art Deco molding. Collection includes Art deco style crown molding, Art Deco cove molding and baseboards.

The Art Deco Molding Collection is the newest arrival, and although it might be somewhat difficult to appreciate such enthusiasm for moldings, which aren’t exactly the most enchanting aspects of design, but the excitement amongst the designers is almost palpable.

One designer acknowledged, “It might sound insane to be excited over something like molding, but in our business, the moldings featured in our new Art Deco Molding really get us all worked up.” She goes on to explain, “We all share a love for the Art Deco tradition, and the fact that we now offer art deco inspired moldings opens up a whole other world to our customers. We’re really excited to introduce this new collection to our clients.”

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Art Deco Molding

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reversible art deco molding

New-York art deco crown molding

New-York Art Deco Crown Molding NAD21

2-3/8"H x 10"P x 10-1/4"F x 6'6"L

list price: $ 80.50
your price: $ 64.40
New-York Art Deco crown molding installed

crown molding
art deco crown molding

Miami Art Deco crown molding

Miami Art Deco Crown Molding

4"H x 8-7/8"P x 9-3/4"F x 6'6"L

list price: $ 82.16
your price: $ 65.72
Miami Art Deco crown molding installed

crown molding
art deco cove molding

Tulsa Art Deco cove molding

Tulsa Art Deco Cove Molding

4-1/2"H x 7-1/4"P x 8-1/2"F x 6'6"L

list price: $ 76.23
your price: $ 60.98
Tulsa Art Deco cove molding installed

crown molding
art-deco molding Los-Angeles Art Deco crown molding

Los-Angeles Art Deco Crown Molding NWT24

5-1/4"H x 5-1/4"P x 8-3/8"F x 6'6"L

list price: $ 52.91
your price: $ 42.33
Los-Angeles Art Deco crown molding installed

crown molding
art deco style crown molding Palo-Alto Art Deco crown molding installed

Palo-Alto Art Deco Crown Molding NWT25

3-1/8"H x 3-1/8"P x 4-1/4"F x 6'6"L

list price: $ 35.78
your price: $ 28.62
Palo-Alto Art Deco crown molding installed

crown molding
art deco style molding San-Jose Art Deco crown molding

San-Jose Art Deco Crown Molding NWT26

3"H x 3"P x 4-1/8"F x 6'6"L

list price: $ 33.06
your price: $ 26.45

Art Deco Baseboard

art deco baseboard molding Miami Art Deco baseboard molding

Miami Art Deco Baseboard Molding NFD21

5-2/16"H x 13/16"P x 8'00"L

list price: $ 56.24
your price: $ 44.99
Miami Art Deco baseboard molding installed

baseboard molding
art deco baseboard New-York Art Deco baseboard

New-York Art Deco Baseboard Molding NFD22

5-2/16"H x 11/16"P x 8'00"L

list price: $ 56.24
your price: $ 44.99
New-York Art Deco baseboard molding installed

baseboard molding

Art Deco Trim for Doors and Windows

Art Deco casing Art Deco casing molding

Art-Deco Casing Molding NWL6

3"H x 3/4"P x 8'00"L

list price: $ 32.00
your price: $ 28.00
art-deco casing
Art Deco molding for door casing Belgium Art-Deco Door Casing

Belgium Art-Deco Casing NFD1

3-15/16"H x 5/8"P x 8'00"L

list price: $ 43.40
your price: $ 31.00
Art-Deco door casing molding installed

art-deco trim
Art Deco door trim Art Deco trim molding for door and window trim

Art-Deco Trim NMWL5

3-3/8"H x 5/8"P x 8'00"L

list price: $ 27.00
your price: $ 20.00
art-deco casing
Art-Deco Door Trim Akron Art-Deco Door Trim

Akron Art-Deco Door Trim NFD2

4-5/16"H x 5/8"P x 8'00"L

list price: $ 47.60
your price: $ 34.00
art-deco door trim
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Art Deco Style: The Other American Revolution

Spanning from 1925 to 1939, the art deco tradition permeated American culture. Art Deco style influenced the designs of everything from fine art and architecture to fashion and advertising, essentially coming to define the American lifestyle. Art Deco translated the abstract into the physical, capturing the essence of America’s pulse, identity, and spirit. Through its applications, the ordinary became the extraordinary, and everything was an example of artistic design.

Presenting our Art Deco Molding Collection!

Art Deco Style MoldingWe are proud to introduce our exciting Art Deco Molding Collection! Achieving a timeless look that manages to be both classic and modern is easy with our art deco inspired crown moldings and baseboard moldings.

One characteristic of the art deco design tradition is in the transcendence of the ordinary to a level of modern art. We apply this concept to the Art Deco Molding Collection. Our art deco moldings are not your average molding. The moldings in this collection are meant to serve a purpose: they are instrumental elements of design meant to elevate the look and feel of your home. The moldings are also decorative; our art deco moldings are accents, gracefully offsetting other key design elements showcased in your decor. The perfect combination of form and function, our art deco moldings preserve the values of the tradition they are inspired from.

Each of our art deco moldings features a design consistent with the application of art deco principles. Multifaceted and eclectic, the art deco style blends with and complements a range of decors. Art Deco style is a style of contradictions, uniting the traditional with the contemporary. In a celebration of extremes, the natural and synthetic, and the symmetrical and the abstract redefine the concept of balance.

Pre-primed for your convenience, our art deco moldings are ready to accept the paint treatment of your choice. Whether your preferred palette is bold and vibrant, or neutral and monochromatic, you will find that our art deco moldings enrich the look of your decor.

Highly versatile, our art deco moldings are visually striking, yet subdued enough to be used throughout your home. Art deco design philosophy maintains that the juxtaposition of contrasting elements results in a counterbalance that is pleasing to the eye. Customize your home by creating your own examples of art deco style: combine our art deco crown moldings and art deco baseboard moldings with chair rail moldings or frieze moldings in a contrasting style. Your design will be one of visual impact; by adding a dimension of depth, you will further develop the look and feel of your home.

Our art deco moldings are sold individually, each piece measures 6’6” long. Constructed from either high density polyurethane or high definition polymer system (HDPS), all of our art deco moldings are produced with the highest quality standards. Featuring exceptional durability and ease of installation, our art deco moldings are designed to withstand even the most highly trafficked, commercial environments.

Art Deco MoldingArt Deco is perhaps one of the most widely recognized forms of architecture amongst Americans. Art Deco is a style that connotes luxury, glamour, wealth, and a certain retro look that, oddly enough, still seems modern today. Upon inspection of the moldings featured in this new Art Deco Collection, it is clear that the clean lines, bold geometry, and smooth streamlining of the style heavily influenced the design of these moldings.

“Once installed,” explains the designer, “the molding give the room a classic, modern look that is the virtual framework of the room’s atmosphere. The moldings from this collection are unsurpassed in versatility; they coordinate with just about any personal style of decorating a client may have.”

Closer inspection reveals that the various styles and types of molding available imply an extensive range of options for the homeowner. Crown moldings, baseboard moldings, and even a cove molding in accurate Art Deco styles are designs meant to be mixed and matched with each other, or with other more traditional styles of molding such as carved moldings, friezes, and even ceiling medallions.

“The design options are endless” she gushes. “Truly, a client can customize a look for her home that is truly unique. And the finished look is a polished, well put-together home. Art Deco was originally intended to convey a posh, luxurious lifestyle. And with these new moldings, and our clients’ personal visions, the spirit of that time is expressed through the finished project. The completed look is one of timeless elegance, good taste, and eclectic design. And after all, your home is just another outlet in which you express your individuality” And then gleefully adds, “That’s why these moldings are FUN!”

Art Deco style
Curious about the Art Deco style? The luxurious and eclectic Art Deco Molding Collection may be viewed through the website, in addition to product details and further information regarding finishing, installation, and coordination. LuxuryWorld.in encourages the informed consumer to bookmark their webpage, and use as a resource the expertise offered by their design professionals.

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Art Deco Architecture

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