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home entry built-ins

to create this look use the following architectural products:

Classical whole column

Carnegie swag wood carving W65 or
Aquinas swag wood carving W63

Kean urn wood carving W67
Rockford urn wood carving W72

Providence panel molding PM12


Home Entry Built-ins

Built-in features add more to your home than just an economic storage space. While freestanding units are merely furniture, built-ins are an integral part of the interior architecture. Built-in furniture unifying the home's internal structure with the practical and aesthetic needs of everyday living. Featured built-in unit is designed by a New York designer for this magnificent home entry. There are timeless architectural details that graced homes for centuries but have disappeared from most of today's homes. Adding built-ins to the home brings back a sense of craftsmanship and lends character to a generic floor plan. Most homes have a few good spaces for built-in. Built-in unit incorporates the floor, ceiling and walls as part of the structure



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