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molding for this bathroom:

Metro contemporary crown molding


for finished look use in combination with

New-York baseboard


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Bathroom Design and Molding

bathroom molding

bathroom molding materials

bathroom molding - size and proportion


Bathroom Design and Molding

Most homes have more than one bathroom. Some may have half or three-quarter baths (with a sink, toilet, and shower stall) as well. When you are approaching bathroom design and decorating, first you have to determine the space available, your needs, and the most efficient arrangement of plumbing fixtures and supportive furnishings, storage and lighting for each hygiene area in your home.  Bathroom design has always been centered on the three basic fixtures - the tub, toilet, and sink. Ample storage for towels, medicines, and grooming and cleaning aids is essential. A place for soiled clothing is also desirable in the bathroom. Master bathrooms commonly contain two sinks, a separate area for the toilet, and a shower stall in addition to the tub. Tubs can be located almost anyplace, including the center of the bathroom. They are available in all shapes, designs, colors and sizes. Often tubs are placed beside large windows to make advantage of the view.

bathroom molding for shower

Special attention should be paid to the bathroom lighting fixtures. Bathroom require shadow-less lighting for shaving and grooming, which can be supplied by light from overhead and from both sides of the mirror, and by light reflected upward from light-colored marble or granite countertop. Mirror lighting in the bathroom is usually sufficient to illuminate an average-sized powder room; however, general lighting in the bathroom is necessary with the addition of the tub or shower. Lighting in the shower needs to be enclosed and certified for use in a wet environment.

There are a number of ways to take an ordinary bathroom and give it some flair through packaging improvements. Suggesting that the bathroom is a luxurious retreat. Luxury bathroom will appeal to many people, and - if you ever plan on selling your home - to potential buyers. By installing fixtures like saunas or Jacuzzi you will certainly improve your bathroom, but it can be a quite expansive additions. You can also consider a less-expensive way to create an impressive decor - adding molding, color and accessories.

Bathroom Molding

bathroom molding
Addition of moldings in the bathroom can create a powerful transformation. Stylish molding adds a polished look to any interior space, and specially bathrooms. Crown molding and baseboard are the most common types of molding that are used in the bathroom. If you bathroom has a sloped ceiling you might it doesn't mean that you cant embellish it with molding. For sloped ceiling you should consider using a frieze molding. This type of molding is  designed to be fixed only on the wall surface, and allows you an opportunity to add architectural details to the rooms with unusual ceilings angles. There are a wide selection of molding styles available on LuxuryWorld.in website that will bring style of your bathroom to the next level. From contemporary crown molding and Art Deco molding to traditional Dentil molding and elegant cove molding there are moldings for any bathroom style and scale. While selecting molding for your bathroom you should focus on three main criteria - material that molding is made of, size and proportion of molding profile, and molding style.

Bathroom Molding Materials

bathroom molding material
Before selecting any molding styles you should be certain that moldings you are looking at are made from water-resilient material. Choosing right molding material for your bathroom is crucial. Because of high humidity level in the bathroom moldings that are made from any kind of wood or wooden composite material are not appropriate. Wooden molding will react on moister and temperature changes, as a result they can crack, warp or even rote. The perfect molding for installation in the bathroom is molding that is made from the high-density furniture-grade polyurethane or high-definition polymer system (HDPS). These types of molding material are perfect for bathrooms, basement, screened porches and any other interior spaces with high levels of moister or frequent temperature changes. While shopping for polyurethane molding you should be certain that molding you plan on buying is CFC and HCFC free. CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons) and HCFC (Formaldehyde) are synthetic chemicals that affecting your health and health of the planet. Usually, moldings that contain such chemicals are mush cheaper than green molding, but is it really worth it? As a good citizens of planet Earth it is our responsibility to take care of the environment, and provide a healthy home to our children by implementing principles of green design.

Bathroom Molding - Size and Proportion

bathroom molding size
In order to create a sophisticated and relaxing bathroom you should choose a molding that are proportioned to the space. If you hove a large bathroom with high ceilings you can add a nice crown molding with rich profile, and (if it is appropriate for your bathroom's style) with vivid ornamental design. If your bathroom has a ceiling that is on the lower side you should carefully evaluate your options. The most common mistake people do when choosing the molding for a room with low ceilings - they go with thin, tiny profile. The rule - "low ceiling - small crown molding" is a common misconception.

Instead of creating illusion of a higher ceiling, thin crown molding will only accentuate the low ceiling height. In order to create an illusion of a higher ceiling you should look at the crown molding that comes down on the wall less than projects on the ceiling. Here is some examples: Centro cove molding - comes down on the wall only 3-1/8", but projects on the ceiling - 4-1/2", giving you an nice 5-1/2" crown molding face that creates a lovely cove look and makes ceiling appear higher. Miami crown molding as well as New-York crown molding would also create illusion of height and provide marvelous architectural details to the bathroom. On other hand, the baseboard molding for the bathroom should not exceed 6" in height.

Another trick of the trade will help you to make your bathroom ceiling appear higher - create us much vertical lines us possible, to make eye travel upward. You can consider using two vertical mirrors instead of one horizontal mirror above double vanity, or create a vertical wall panels with panel molding. Bathroom walls an the objects in them should work to make the bathroom more attractive, spacious, and reinforce the overall felling of quality.

The right molding in the bathroom can turn an ordinary, utilitarian space into inspired, sensuous and inviting bathroom, where you can not only perform necessary routines, but relax and truly rejuvenate.


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